First meal

On November 7-9, I went over to my grandparents house to use their dutch oven to cook some food.  I was planning to make Pizza, Naan bread and Tandoori Chicken all in the Dutch oven, and I ended up making some cucumber salad  too that is supposed to be cold so I didn’t need the oven for that.  It’s for the Tandoori Chicken to cool down the heat the spices give off, it also tastes delicious.  I will post each recipe one at a time because there is a lot that went into each of these dishes. I will start with the Pizza.

The Pizza took the longest to prepare with two days if your planning to make this type of pizza you will need a bit of time you can spare to make the dough which will take about two days.  You will also need a special type of flour called “00” flour.  That would be Zero Zero  the 0, zero, and letter o look the same on my computer.  The 00 bread flour will make the dough chewier than bread four and it’s the kind of flour they use at a pizzeria.

You can find the Recipe at the Recipe titled Frankie G’s “00” Flour Pizza Dough – is the one I used it will make two pizza skins, 350 grams each – 11″-14″ big.  I highly suggest watching the video they posted it shows you how to prep. the dough and how to get it into the pizza shape.  I used measured my ingredients by measuring them in grams with a digital scale to get the most accurate measurements.

This is the recipe that I used it’s the same one that you can download. I just posted it here because I like everything in one place for it’s easier for me to think but that’s just me.

Percentage  Ingredient        Grams     Volume
100.00%    00 Flour            428.9        4.25 C
1.70%          Instant Yeast   7.3 1          2/3 tsp
1.50%          Sea Salt              6.4             1 heap tsp
60.00%       Iced Water       257.4        2.5 C

Day 1 –
Make Dough: In a stand mixer fitted with a dough hook, add the cold water, flour, and yeast, and mix
30 seconds or so to incorporate. Let autolysis, covered with a tea towel, for 30 minutes.

Add salt and mix on medium-high speed for 10 minutes. Dough should ball and come away from the
sides (adjust with flour 1 Tbls at a time if it does not – or add water 1 Tbls at a time if too dry). If
dough climbs hook, scrape dough towards bowl and continue to mix.

Dough should be cool when done. Place in sealed container in refrigerator for 24 to 48 hours.

Day 2 –
Make Pizza: Bring dough container out of the refrigerator and let stand on the counter for 30-40
minutes to take the chill off the dough.

Divide in two and ball dough so that they top is smooth and the bottom is pinched and sealed. Top
with a sprinkling of olive oil, cover, and let come to room temperature before use.

Frankie G’s notes:

These pizzas should be topped lightly and cooked fast and very HOT. 800°-900° in a wood-burning
oven is ideal.

When shaping, do not disturb the risen ball of dough. Instructional video can be found on our FG videos
page at

If there’s anything that you think I missed or any questions you can comment it below I will be happy to help you any way possible.


Hayley G.


2 thoughts on “First meal

  1. Good job Hayley. I didn’t know you were so into cooking and I would never have guessed that a girl your age wrote this blog. It’s rather technical.

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